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We welcome you all  stay Convenience Not far from Bangkok Travel  time soon location  

Amphoe Wang Nam Khiao  Nakhon  Ratchasima  Thailand.

      Set amidst the beautiful mountains and fog in the morning. Will come as a family or as a group, we were always welcome.

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Samruai  or werners 

Tel. 098-1209415,095-0620923

Homes Werner country views.

    Homes Werner Country View our District is located in Concord, Thailand. Wang Nam Khieo Nakhon Ratchasima Away from the main roads by Pak approximately 7 km hilly generalization is dubbed the Switzerland of the East Land Lahore, which is ranked 7th in the world transfer zone, one cold winter conditions. Like the picture above It can grow in winter, such as grapes, seedless strawberry berry flowers such as Ye gerberas anthuriums, chrysanthemums, etc. The plant other fruits such as longan, lychee Santol Sato Ma Fai secretly Cable Palm jujube, milk, etc., in the community today. organic vegetables are grown greatly. Including those mushrooms expensive. Many of which can be purchased as a gift to your preference.

 What an impressive stay.

   Epee a resort atmosphere with the cold. The wind blew all day. During the rainy season is very beautiful in the rain. You can enjoy the sea The blow came against the skin. In summer it is hot during the 10 am to about 3 pm, and the atmosphere is gradually cool weather comfort. For those who want to stay a breath of fresh air to the lungs, tanning bed rooms here happily. You are a family or a group, we're ready to take you to the full. The distance from Bangkok to the green, about 200 km journey takes just over two hours.

Location Location

           Located in the village of Concord, Thailand Wang Nam Khieo Nakhon Ratchasima  - Price ... THB / night / after / number - you.

Check-in and Check-out Time.

- Check in from 13:30.

- Check out 12.00.


- Shiitake mush (The green to eat).

- Coffee - Oval Latinos.


- Do not allow pets of any kind.

- Karaoke limited time. 18.30 - 22.00 hrs. (The district has informed MLB).


- 1 reception room with kitchen.

- 1 bathroom

- + Front yard parking.

Service equipment

- Bedding - pillows - blankets (as many customers stay).

- Fan

- Water heater

- refrigerator

- Kettle

- Ice

- Grill

- Gas (Rent)

- Plates - bowls - Spoon - Ice Tong - grill equipment etc. (as many customers stay).

- Drink a glass of water (based on the number of customers stay).